Rail Solutions

Safety and Cost

 There are two primary goals of performance monitoring as it relates to the modern railway. Safety and Cost Improvement. Passenger and freight railways are currently monitoring the health and safety of infrastructure and rolling stock which allows them to run a more profitable and safer operation. Saryx has local rail experience and expertise.

As the LBFoster Salient Systems African Partner this is what Saryx can offer:

  • Monitoring wheel impacts with WILD (Wheel Impact Load Detector) systems.
  • Monitoring longitudinal rail stress with RailStress Monitor TM
  • Monitoring Train and Vehicle Weights with WIM (Weigh-In-Motion) and TOID (Train Overload Imbalance Detectors)
  • Monitoring High Speed Stability with the HTD (Hunting Truck Detector).
  • Integrating all of these systems with other “smart sensors” to give decision-makers the complete picture of their railway system using Intellitrack® Navigator


  • Railways Africa – Issue 1/2014 – Taking the stress out of South Africa’s rail

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